A Dinosaur Speaks of Nostalgia


I am a man that is coming back to gaming. Many in my generation never left gaming. I was encouraged to leave it behind by my parents who thought that I had outgrew it. Now that I am coming back to it, I realize that I have been left behind and have a lot to learn.


When I played video games, I played them on Nintendo’s game consoles. I started with the original Nintendo in 1990 and played Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. I went through the Super Nintendo and then the N64. The N64 is by far my favorite gaming console. Though my parents did encourage me to give up gaming, I was not encouraged to sell my console or my games for it. And as I am coming back to gaming, I have pulled the N64 out of its box and have been playing it like crazy. It is to the point that I think my parents committed child abuse for taking this away from me. Now to quit being melodramatic and to continue my thoughts on story and gaming, I would like to bring up the best selling and award winning Banjo-Kazooie game. The game opens with a story. The evil witch Gruntilda is concerned with her looks and wants to be pretty. She spies young Tootie playing outside while her big brother Banjo is occupied doing something else. This may be a good time to stop and say that Banjo and Tootie are bears and Kazooie is basically a larger version of the roadrunner (the actual bird and not the Looney Toon). Gruntilda kidnaps Tootie and Takes her back to her lair to put her in a machine that Gruntilda has created to switch the two females’ looks. The game that follows is some of the most fun that I have ever had. I played this game for hours when it first came out in the late 90s. Though at times the game does feel like Raph Koster talks about “requiring the player to solve a crossword puzzle in order to turn the page to get more of the novel,” but when those tasks are accomplished it is worth it to get to carry on. While checkers and chess may be fun and have very little story to go with them, if a game like Super Mario Brothers or Banjo Kazooie comes along and seamlessly combines both elements into the game, you have 24K gold on your hands.

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