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A War Won Through Spreadsheets: A Guide to Logistics in the game Foxhole

For my Project 3 as part of EH-603: Editing for Publication, I am aiming to write a somewhat comprehensive guide for the role of Logistics in the computer game, Foxhole. Foxhole is a game stylized around a persistent online war between two player factions ultimately vying for total victory.

At first glance, a video game about warfare shouldn’t be complicated, especially when considering a market defined by many high-end video games whose themes revolved around it. But Foxhole is different, based on a somewhat simplified, but ultimately realistic structure. The idea of going from raw materials to a rifle is a big challenge to many first time players. It can be jarring, especially in a world where everyone is having the same, consistent experience on a grand scale map broken up into small zones of conflict. Maintaining supply lines and knowing what is need and where is crucial to both attacking and defending. A lack of Howitzer shells can mean being open to a barrage of artillery fire without a way to counter, a lack of gas masks means chemical weapons will deny ground and break up defensive positions, and a lack of fuel means none of this can get done. It can be an ultimately complex system composed of smaller, simplistic elements, but I hope that this guide can provide some potential clarification to both newcomers and current players alike.

Some Logistics elements I hope to touch on are:

Materials: There are several different resources available for players to use, many have multiple purposes from building emplacements to manufacturing supplies. Others exist for a more direct, singular purpose. Confusion in not being able to differentiate them can lead to time lost and resources squandered.

Logistics Buildings: The game features many different structures that a player will come across in performing logistical duties. Being able to operate each one efficiently and effectively is critical to success, often being the slim line between gaining ground and losing it. Due to lack of detail on how to operate these buildings, many new players make mistakes that can either delay manufacturing or impede technological progress.

Vehicles: Supplies and soldiers must be moved somehow and knowing the best methods of transportation for specific situations can help a logistics player be more efficient in their travels and transporting. No two vehicles types are identical, there are benefits and downfalls to each one and knowing them both will greatly help the player and their team.

Supply lines: Communicating with teammates and identifying needs is something key to Logistics success. Being able to provide some context as to how to discover those needs through use of game mechanics and communication can take away some of that initial anxiety and hopefully aim for greater efficiency. Knowing how maps operate and what icons mean can help a player to create effective and ultimately crucial supply lines to keep those on the frontlines supported in their endeavors.

Equipment: While there currently isn’t a whole lot of equipment geared towards a Logistics playstyle now, knowing what equipment can prove helpful in certain areas can lead to greater success. Whether that’s using a sledgehammer instead of a hammer, carrying a gas mask while in a contested area, or having a pair of binoculars for observation each tool has an intended purpose. It’s in knowing that intended purpose that players can capitalize on their function and ultimately build their success in the game.

Supplies: What is a supply line without supplies? While there are various tools, weapons, and ammunitions in the game, identifying each one would be quite the undertaking. Instead I’ll aim to discuss each item’s grouping, as it does play a large role in Logistics. Some soldiers need medical supplies others, grenades, being able to identify overall needs can be hazardous to new players.

While it’s a lot of ground to cover, I think it will ultimately be an interesting project, one I hope to build and improve upon as the game transcends through early access to full release. The community is very important to the game’s success and I hope that my contribution will do a small part in growing a player base that is both welcoming and knowledgeable. Ultimately hoping to make the gameplay experience a joy for all players involved. If you’re interested in the game from my brief description I have include a link to a trailer and the game’s Steam page if you’re interested.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKWCmW6h1I8

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/

Image Source:https://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/