Book Reviews for STC

As a graduate student enrolled in EH 603 Technical Editing, I am currently working on the final project for the course. For this project, students are required to create and edit a document of their own choosing. I have decided to write a book review for the journal Technical Communication with the intention of publication. This review will be of George Pullman’s Writing Online: Rhetoric for the Digital Age. I will also be revising and editing a book review that I previously wrote for Technical Communication. As part of the requirements for EH 501 Technical Communication, I reviewed the book Tutoring Second Language Writers by Shanti Bruce and Ben Rafoth. I plan to also submit this review for publication, since I did not have the time to do so last semester.

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) requires that reviews contain a maximum of 500 words, including the book citation that appears at the top of the review. Both of the books that I have chosen to review are from STC’s list of available book titles. This list includes publications from several categories that align with STC’s CTPC Certification: project planning, project analysis, content development, organizational design, written communication, review and editing, visual communication, content management, and production and delivery. Upon completion of the reviews, I will submit them to Dr. Jackie Damrau, the STC Book Review Editor, for approval.

In order to effectively create and edit the two book reviews, I plan to use the skills that I have learned this semester in EH 603. Therefore, I will focus my writing on attributes such as clarity, content, objectivity, and conciseness. In order to present STC members with an accurate portrayal of the two works, it will be important for me to remain unbiased in my reviews of the material. Aside from meeting the requirements outlined in the course, the goal of my work is to provide professionals in the technical communication field with pertinent information about related subject matter. I also hope to obtain knowledge from the books for my own personal gain. For example, Tutoring Second Language Writers has provided me with valuable information about ELL students that I can incorporate into the classroom.

Therefore, in order to complete the project, I first need to read Writing Online: Rhetoric for the Digital Age and then re-read Tutoring Second Language Writers. As I cover the material in each book, it will be helpful to highlight key quotes and note important aspects of the texts. I may also need to research terms that I am unfamiliar with, especially in Pullman’s book concerning online rhetoric. After I have read the books and taken sufficient notes, I will then move on to writing and editing the articles. The first draft of the project is due April 16, and the final draft is due April 23. The week between drafts should allow enough time for me to finalize both works. If all goes as planned, Dr. Damrau will accept my two book reviews for publication in an upcoming edition of Technical Communication.

-S. Elizabeth McGhee

Source: https://www.stc.org/techcomm/submit-book-review/