Technical Editing

Considerations in Web Content and Design

I was asked to overhaul NuLynie website ( because the owner of the website, and my client, is also my hair stylist. Whitney Ervin, the owner, has been my hairstylist for over three years, and I have seen her transition from an unsure stylist renting spaces at other salons to becoming an independent, self-assured, salon owner. Her evolution into a small-business owner came with some growing pains and her business-marketing plan is one of those pains she is in the process of overcoming.

Since I have known Whitney for a while, I have insight into her brand identity and the pathos stirring her passion for hair care. Whitney’s passion for hair care began at a young age. When she was nine years old, she tended to her mother who was ill from and did not have the strength to do her hair, so Whitney did it for her. While reflecting on her mother’s influence on the beginning of her hair-care journey, Whitney stated, “She guided me through my first relaxer and color process. Right then (sic) I started to envision a salon called Stylez and Smiles”. Whitney developed empathy and sensitivity at a young age and that part of her character is reflected in the way she interacts with her clients. Knowing her traits will help me create a website that reflects her personality and values.

Design Modifications

Whitney’s current website was built using Weebly website builder software. Weebly is very user friendly with a drag and drop user interface. However, the free templates are very basic. Other templates cannot be imported into Weebly unless specifically designed to do so, and many of those templates are not free. Therefore, revisions will have to fit within the limitations of the software.

Currently, the website has a black, white, and blue-green color scheme. However, I plan to use tones of brown and turquoise to reflect the calmness and warmth in Whitney’s personality. According to art therapist, the colors brown and blue reflect those moods (Art Therapy, 2016). I will use turquoise instead of a true blue because it matches the décor in her salon and it is part of her brand identity.

Content Revisions

The content of the website feels disconnected from the overall design of the site. The website has a black and white design with an automated slide show flashing images on the home page. At first glimpse of the website, it seemed glossy and sophisticated, like a digitized version of a slick magazine. However, once I examined the content more closely, I noticed errors in spelling and grammar. In addition, the content focuses more on convincing potential clients that Whitney is a capable hair stylist instead of informing them about the services available at the salon.

To change the tone of the content I will use descriptive language, short sentences, and a larger font. When visitors to the site view the content, they should be able to identify immediately the information they need. They should also be able to read the content without straining; the ideal font is 1em or 16 pixels (Google Developer, 2015).

Overall, I will update Whitney’s website by replacing heavy text and lagging slideshows with descriptive keywords, relevant photos, and an interactive slideshow. I believe the changes will generate more traffic to Whitney’s website and ultimately increase her client list.