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EH 603 Project 3: A Beginner’s Guide to PC Twitch Streaming

Project Background

For my final project in EH 603: Technical Editing, I am planning on creating a guide for how to get started streaming your PC gaming on Twitch. My idea for this project came from personal experience. I have played video games as a hobby almost all my life. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to stream my gameplay for friends who lived all over the country. It would be a way for us to interact on a regular basis through our mutual love of games and desire to laugh at how horrible I was at them.

So, I tried to start streaming. I set up my Twitch account and downloaded Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) to record and stream my games. I followed the steps outlined on the Twitch website’s guide to PC streaming for changing the settings in OBS to be able to stream (https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/792761-how-to-broadcast-pc-games). Everything seemed to be set up correctly. Then I tested it, but it didn’t work. The audio from my microphone was fine and the game audio streamed, but the video did not show up. I spent over a week scouring the internet for different fixes to my black screen problem. It became increasingly frustrating when most of the guides kept telling me how easy it was to stream on Twitch. Then I would try their method of setting up OBS to stream to Twitch and it wouldn’t work. I became so frustrated that I almost gave up hope that my laptop could handle Twitch streaming.

Then finally, one night, I found the solution to why the video wasn’t going through to Twitch, and it was a simple setting that none of the guides I had found mentioned.

The Project

As I stated above, my plan for this project is to be a guide for getting started streaming on Twitch from your PC. However, this will not be a guide for the gamer who has built their own computer and spends hours gaming every day. Likely, that audience already knows how to stream on Twitch or has a friend who can teach them. This guide will be for the people like me who want to stream for fun as a hobby in their free time. Maybe they aren’t as tech savvy as an experienced gamer, but they love to play video games and want to share their experiences with the world on Twitch, but they just can’t figure out how to set it up. The goal of this project is to help PC gamers stream to their heart’s content.

I’ll start off by taking the reader through creating a Twitch account and downloading OBS. Then I plan to go step-by-step through the settings that helped me to finally stream with audio, video, and webcam. I will include screenshots of OBS and Twitch to help people see what to do with their settings, how to set up their account, how to find their stream and chat, and more. Most of the project will focus on how to configure the OBS settings to allow you to stream audio and video. This is because the problems that come up are most often caused by OBS.

My hope is that this project will help people like me who were frustrated and thought they were just not going to be able to stream. I will try to include information for Mac users, but I am limited in my knowledge of Macs because I personally have a Windows laptop. I will have to look into the differences in OBS between the operating systems.


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