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EH603 Final: Promoting ISEEM Research

Promoting ISEEM Research

As the communications specialist for the Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (ISEEM) program here at UAH, one of my roles is to keep the program’s website up to date. As time allows, I also endeavor to enhance those pages to further illuminate all that the program has to offer. In addition to a diverse industry-connected faculty, the department operates ISEEM research labs where both faculty and student researchers do the hands-on work springing from program coursework; many projects originate directly from Huntsville’s aerospace and defense industry.

EH 603 Project Objective

My goal for the EH603 project is to bring greater focus the labs and ISEEM research overall by way of:

Two stand-alone, UAH linked websites for ISEEM’s Complex Systems Integration Lab (CSIL) and Imagining Systems Engineering Lab (ImagEnS)

An updated ISEEM Research page

Project Status & Highlights

To date, I have engaged some of the student researchers in fact-finding conversations, but my primary content sources are ISEEM faculty leading the research. 

Dr. Paul Collopy, ISEEM department chair, gave me many leads on grants, fellowships, and research projects conducted within the department. I am taking measures to quantify details. For instance, the Department of Energy will be sponsoring research into systems engineering research that will encompass nationwide travel to over 110 laboratories across North America.

Dr. L. Dale Thomas, ISEEM professor and eminent scholar, leads the CSIL lab, which is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced systems engineering with a focus on Model-Based Systems Engineering research. Among several projects, the lab is assisting the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) with CubeSats that will be launched in the first space launch system flight planned for next year. CSIL is simulating the mission profile from deployment to activation, integrating several key models for future launch to better understand constraints on starting points.

Dr. Bryan Mesmer is the ISEEM representative at the ImagEnS lab, a collaborative lab space researching the theory underlying stakeholder-focused engineering. Dr. Mesmer’s research focuses particularly on examining preferences in systems engineering. Two student researchers are working with the NASA Systems Engineering Consortium on executing preferences relative to rocket and space life-support systems.


There is much potential for developing content that highlights a few of the fascinating ISEEM research projects happening in the department. The program offers many opportunities for students interested in exploring hypotheses in systems engineering, which itself is a vast field with countless applications across industries.

CSIL researchers: Zach Thomas, Dr. L. Dale Thomas, and Lloyd Walker. The CSIL lab is one of four ISEEM research operations. (Photo by Michael Mercier.)