EH603: Project 3: A home computer tech guide for

EH603 Final Project.

For this project in EH603 Technical Editing, I am creating a guide to home computer use. This guide will cover the following tasks for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:

  • Connecting to/Setting up a wireless network
  • Adding a printer
  • Changing the screen resolution
  • Where to find useful tools in Windows 10

This guide is intended for people who are not as tech-savvy to help them setup or troubleshoot issues with their home PC on their own. I am someone who is the tech-guru of the family. Whenever someone has an issue with their PC or laptop, I am the one to be asked. We all have that person in our family whom we call on to help us with our home computers (perhaps you are that person!). When it comes to changing settings on your computer, sometimes it would be more helpful to have a visual guide rather than calling/texting your family’s tech-guru.

The idea for this help guide document came to me because I know how difficult it can be to find out solutions to problems online on your own. Oftentimes I have found when looking for a solution to a problem that there can be many answers, incomplete answers, or confusing answers. And usually the instructions lack any visual aids or don’t specify what Operating System the instructions are for. With this document, I hope to have a one-place guide for some common computer woes that users have. In a sense, this guide can be your family tech-guru on paper. 

The guide’s purpose is to help users with various computer settings and to partially serve as a troubleshooting guide. The ultimate hope is that with this guide, a less tech-savvy user will be able to learn and understand their computer better and be able to perform these tasks without the guide. 

The tasks I’ve chosen to cover are tasks that I believe are the most commonly used by home computer users. For example, in my own experience I’ve known someone who didn’t realize they could change their WiFi password (instead of using a predefined password that contained many characters and symbols). Knowing how to do this task allows the user to set their own unique password that is easier for them to remember (or give out to friends and family). 

I have chosen to cover these tasks in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as most PC’s will have either of these Operating Systems included. Some PC’s may still have Windows 7 on them, but the differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 is not great. The Windows 8.1 tasks should operate nearly the same in Windows 7, so a Windows 7 user should be able to use this guide as well. 

The latter task (finding useful tools in Windows 10) stems from personal experience in trying to find some common useful tools that were moved in Windows 10. As someone who changes computer settings a lot (for work), when we upgraded our PCs to Windows 10 I could not find where the Control Panel was. Of course I could just type it into the search bar, but I preferred having it there as soon as I opened the Start Menu. With it located in the Start Menu (in Windows 8.1), I would not have to remove my hand from the mouse to start typing (or type with one hand until I got the search result).