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Grant Proposal for Aerospace Research: The Development of Analytical Models for Shock Induced Boundary Layer Separation

For the completion of the final project in the Editing for Publication course, I will be submitting a grant proposal, written on behalf of a private individual who has developed a theoretical model that accurately predicts airflow patterns on aircraft and missile control surfaces. This project will ultimately be submitted to the  U.S. Air Force …

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An Overview of Theories of Human Communication

“I take a pragmatic view of theory. There is no one correct theory of communication, but many theories are useful for thinking about specific problems. The more theories you know, the different problem-solving options you have. However, the diversity of the field is also a source of confusion. My model simplifies the big picture by …

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Examining the Ethics of Behavioral Video Analytics

  For my final project in EH603 Editing for Publication, I am examining the ethical implications of behavioral video analytics.  This is relatively new technology, but it’s been gaining traction in the past few years, especially for crowd surveillance.  Behavioral analytics incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into network CCTV cameras (Crescent Guardian, Inc., 2016).  This is …

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