Technical Editing

Special Collections and Archives Processing Manual

For my final project in EH603: Editing for Publication, I will be rewriting the UAH Special Collections and Archives processing manual.

The purpose of rewriting the manual is to make it as user-friendly and encompassing as possible. The hope is to minimize confusion for people processing a collection for the first time, reduce back-and-forth communication regarding where to look for resources, and to standardize processing across collections.

The document will be utilized by employees of the library, interns, and volunteers during training and as a resource while processing collections. It will encompass both how to use ArchivesSpace – an open source archives information management application that the UAH Special Collections and Archives department uses – and an overview of physical processing.

My research for the project will include an in-depth look into ArchivesSpace (, and I will go through the steps of processing a collection while thinking critically of the process versus what already exists in the manual.

Specifically, the manual will cover how to create an accession record, the process of creating resource files (to include standardized formatting), and how to sort out and label information by top containers and instances.

In addition to rewriting/filling out information, I will be adding screenshots of the program and resource links to the manual to increase efficiency in usability. I will also be adding bookmarks and quick links so that the user will be able to click around the manual in a fast manner.