The Silent War


I teach freshman composition as part of my scholarship at UAH. Recently I have had to teach my students how to write an argument of evaluation. I let them choose their own topics of what similar things they wanted to compare. A big topic of discussion among my students that are avid gamers involved a lot of talk of war. A war that is being waged right now. A war that I did not know was even going on. It is the great war between consoles and PCs. My students wrote about the mastery of PCs and how that platform has cornered the gaming market. I know nothing about what they are talking about. I grew up in the day when a Nintendo, or something like it, was all a gamer had to play. I lived for the Sega Genesis and N64. The only things I ever used a PC for is surfing the net and writing a paper. I knew you could play games on PCs of course. But I never used a PC like these gamers were talking about. First person shooter games, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and others are foreign to me. I only played Mahjong and Solitaire on PCs. I went to my N64 to play 007 Goldeneye as a first person shooter game. But while World of Warcraft has always intrigued me, I know that Nintendo is releasing their new console, the Switch, next year- and I am going to be in line for it. Let the war rage on.